Custom Cable Assemblies for OEM and Test Applications.  All standard types of RF connectors, and between series adapters.

Quartz crystals, Clock oscillators, Automotive AEC-Q200/TS16949 crystals and oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs, OCXOs, GPS disciplined OCXOs and Rubidium oscillators, MEM’s TCXO, Ultra Miniature Oscillators.

State of the art VCO’s, Synthesizers, and up & down Converters.


Ceramic Thick Film Substrates. State of the art MMIC's, GaAs FET's, and Discrete Devices. Surface Mount Custom and Standard RF Resistors, Attenuators, Thermal Management Devices, couplers, dividers, and low pass filters. Spiral Inductors, Microstrip Transmission Lines

Custom Cables

Technical sales for the Southeast. 

Waveguide (WG) components: Bends, Straight, Flexible, Accessories, 

WG to Coax, WG to WG adapters, WG Terminations, WG Couplers, WG Filters,
WG Power Combiners, WG Circulators & Isolators, High Power Pressure Windows, Variable Power Combiners w/ Specs & App notes

RF Power Amplifiers and Test Systems 1 MHz to 18 GHz .01 watts to 1000 Watts

Instrument RF Power Amplifiers.

Connectorized components for OEM and Test applications including:  Adapters, Amplifiers Power and Low Noise, Attenuators, Couplers, Dividers, Filters, Phase Shifters, Oscillators, and Terminations, Isolators and Circulators.

Coaxial Components

Waveguide Components.

Frequency Control & Generation

Surface Mount & MMIC Devices